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A Note about Zoom and Anonymity: Here

Please Note: Several meeting have recently been "Zoom Bombed"; as a result the links have changed and a waiting room is being used for all meetings.

Clicking on the "Joining Meetings" links below will get you into the meeting without typing a password. If you have issues please email:


Joining Meetings

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Zoom Host Practice 10/27: Click to Join

Group Conscience 10/31: Click to Join

4PM Sunday Women's Mtg (starting Nov. 1): Click to Join

Zoom practice 11/14 Click to Join


Hosting/Facilitating practice session: Tuesday, October 27, 6pm. Here's your chance to practice screen-sharing, managing participants, etc. If you have questions, or if you want practice but can't make this session, email

The next Common Peril group conscience meeting will be at 7am on Saturday, October 31. Please email your group conscience suggestions to:

The Sunday 4pm women's meeting will arrive on Zoom space beginning Sunday, November 1. Meeting name: Our Women's Group CHC. Note: A password is required; ask a member of the meeting.

Questions about Zoom? Want to pick up some tips or shortcuts? We will host a Zoom Q&A session the second Saturday of the month at 7am. Next session: November 14. If you'd like Zoom help but can't attend a Q&A session, write us at .

The live meeting of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Group (BPW) held a Group Conscience meeting September 20. More info can be found here.

Donations for expenses can be sent to: (Detailed instructions here)

Do you want a chip to celebrate a milestone? Email Tell us your first name, mailing address, and what chip we should send you.

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