Online Meetings

Clicking on the "Joining Meetings" links below will get you into the meeting without typing a password. If you have issues please email: 

A Note about Zoom and Anonymity: Here


Group Conscience Meetings:  There will be a Group Conscious meeting June 29 at 7am - right after the 6am meeting.  See the Group Conscience tab of this website for topics submitted as well as notes from previous meetings. 


Come celebrate with us! 

Second-Saturday 6am Speaker Meeting: There is a speaker meeting the second Saturday of each month. One or two speakers may sign up for each date. To sign up, enter your information in the Anniversaries tab.


Donations for expenses can be sent to: (Detailed instructions here)


Questions about Zoom?  If you'd like Zoom help (including hosting) or have questions, write to . Also see the Zoom Tips section of this website.


Do you want a chip to celebrate a milestone? Email Tell us your name, mailing address, and what chip we should send you.