Steering Committee Meetings


Approval of old minutes, this meeting is a replacement for the meeting that was scheduled for November 14, 2021 – November meeting did not happen. All approved

2. Financial Reports

a. Costs for renewals for Zoom and Google for CP paid

b. $3005 sent to BPW in February because there is a PayPal fee

c. Barbara & Mark – Discussion of attendance at online and f2f meetings and collection. Joanne proposed a meeting in 2 months as things settle down or shift with attendance and budget likely change.

3. Old Business

4. New Business

    1. Need to change CP mailing address to a PO Box - Mark agreed to get PO Box

    2. Discussion of the 2nd anniversary meeting and sharing the history at the last speaker meeting in order to celebrate the 3/16/20.

    3. Discussion on the continuation of CP as well whether the volunteering would increase if hosting duties were simplified (no sharing of documents, flexible scheduling).

d. CP has no end date in mind- it was started with the same intent as any other meeting and will continue as long as people attend

  1. e. Filing of 990-N



  1. How do we define majority?

    • Motion: Move that the steering committee defines what constitutes a majority

      • 4 Approve

      • 0 No

      • 1 Abstention

      • Passes

    • Motion: Define a majority as the majority of votes cast

      • 5 Approve

      • 0 No

      • 0 Abstention

      • Passes

    • We will mention the voting rules at the beginning of the group conscience

  1. How often does the steering committee meet?

    • Motion: We should meet Quarterly

      • 5 Approve

      • 0 No

      • 0 Abstention

      • Passes

    • Decided: Steering Committee will meet the 2nd Saturday of the second month of the quarter @ 9am

    • Next Meeting November 14, 2021 @9am

January 9th, 2021 @7am

Zoom Link

  1. Meeting Agenda

  • Incorporation

    • Articles of incorporation

      • How do we want to organize - roles and responsibilities

        • Board of directors - is this the same as the steering committee?

          • Board of directors and steering committee are separate but people on the board are on the steering committee

          • Elections

            • Feb 28 Election For additional 4 members of steering committee, 10 am

            • Election via google forms:

              • Carol Ann will get create the form, form election

            • Requirement for service: 1 year of sobriety

          • Total members on steering committee

            • 9 Total members

            • Board is chosen by the steering committee.

            • Quorum for meetings: 3

          • Steering Committee, no term limits

            • 1 year term

            • Number of members:4

          • Board of directors (also on the steering committee), no term limits

            • 1 Year term

              • Joanne

              • Tom

            • 2 year term

              • Barbara

              • Mark

              • Carol Ann

            • Number of members:5

        • Officers -

          • Currently per submitted forms (state/fed): president - Carol Ann, Secretary/Treasurer - Mark

          • Decision: Leave articles of incorporation as is, and create bylaws

      • Agents/POB

        • Place of Business - Carol Ann's Address

        • Registered Agent - Mark's Address

      • Bylaws Draft: Here, review, Update, Post (who needs to approve? group conscience?)

  • Treasury report

    • Yearly - Here

    • December - 2020: Here